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1st #Karibapowwow

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On Thursday 3 April at 11:30 we hosted our first twitter live chat event, #Karibapowwow. As a tourism operator we were never more struck by the challenges facing Kariba as a tourism destination until a recent team trip to Katete. We have asked ourselves what we need to do about this, it’s no longer about staying competitive an individual company but about making Kariba competitive again. Somewhere along the line, the drumbeat of the beauty of Kariba has become a faint whisper that’s only heard by a few.  Ashish J Thakkar (founder of the Mara Group and Foundation) said “every challenge represents an opportunity” so this challenge is the opportunity for all Karibeans to come together and stand up for Kariba, and make that drum start beating again.

At #Karibapowwow several issues were raised as to why the Kariba Tourism Industry is facing the challenges it is today

  • Kariba is not the first place one thinks of when planning a holiday
  • It lacks efficient and cost-effective access
  • It’s a wonderful destination that’s lost its lustre
  • No-one is promoting it
  • The hotels are expensive
  • Car Hire is expensive
  • Some of the accommodations need revamping

Here are the stats for ZTA that speak to all these issues

Average hotel occupancy for Kariba

Average hotel occupancy for Kariba

Our average occupancy is lower than the country average and has been for the past 7 year. So we have quite a bit of work ahead of us, the great news is we are not alone on this Journey and hopefully as we go along, our band of merry men and women will keep growing #LoveKariba.