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2nd #Karibapowwow

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2nd #Karibapowwow

It’s a numbers game, would be the best summation of the second #Karibapowwow on the issue of accessibility of Kariba. How do we get people to and from Kariba? The big question that keeps coming up is how many? And how often? So we realised how much of an opportunity (you will observe we resist saying challenge) is existing in Kariba for good quality and affordable transportation. Top of everyone’s minds is a scheduled flight route to Kariba. In order to get an Airline company to consider doing a scheduled flight to Kariba, we have to be able to make a strong case for numbers on both legs of the trip and a scheduled flight also means we have to guarantee this on a regular basis.  The next consideration is the bush taxi, certain charter companies will offer a seat rates (you buy a seat on a charter flight), but this is dependent on where you are flying from and too, on whether this will be a convenient option.  This leaves private charter flights, still speaking to flying as an option, charter flights fly pretty much at your convenience and your pocket making them an option for very few people and don’t address the problem of making Kariba more accessible at affordable prices for the majority of people.

This takes us to road options, Vayeni travel, Nyati Travel and Tours, as well as other travel operators can organize luxury buses and cars for smaller groups of peoples ranging from 2 to 20, which is definitely a good idea, for people going on a cruise holiday in large numbers, or organized holiday trip i.e. work conference, wedding, large family get together. However, we find, we are in the same catch-22 situation, that in order to make this an affordable option for all, we need numbers to reduce the overall cost for visitors to Kariba. Driving to Kariba remains the most common and cost effective means of getting to Kariba at the moment, our experience on the Zambezi Trader is that our local guests don’t mind driving up in a convoy, though our guests from farther afield love Kariba but a drive from say South Africa to Kariba is a big ask for all but the most loyal.

Where does this leave us? Desperately needing a flight to Kariba, but as has been coming up over the last few weeks starting with a proper sequence,

  1. Promote Kariba as a destination
  2. Get average occupancy up
  3. Make noise, lots of noise about Kariba, if all roads can be made to lead to Kariba then definitely a flight route is not an impossible dream

As we encourage ourselves and our fellow Karibeans, we will borrow from the Adidas motto and make this our mantra “Impossible is Nothing” #LoveKariba