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3rd #Karibapowwow

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Many thanks to all who joined us for a robust discussion around what people would be willing to pay for a Kariba Holiday and what people would expect for their money in order to consider it money well spent. We got a lot of things from this powwow and we know a lot of People in Kariba are working very hard on addressing these and other issues. Last week’s powwow is summarized as follows:

  1. Kariba needs more flexible pricing in order to also cater for the budget tourist and that flexible pricing needs to be promoted.
  2. The activities in Kariba need to be marketed better, there are a lot of activities beyond what people seem to know about (birding, guided walks, village tours etc.)  Whilst at the same time we need to increase the diversity of offering to cater for a wide range of tastes both on the water and off the water (e.g. traditional dancing shows, marimba bands, treasure hunts, concert under the stars, swimming with the crocodiles).
  3. Regardless of price paid, customer care and service needs to be excellent in order to ensure guests feel their hard-earned money is respected.
  4. Authentic and locally produced souvenirs and curios are important, as well as for local craftsmen to be able to give a history and story about their products.
  5. We need better package offerings and better  marketing of those package deals; some suggestions we $300 a day per person full board and two activities (transport not included), some suggestions we at $200 per person per day, others for no frills packages starting at $100 per person per day and some suggestions at $350 for a weekend deal. All exclusive of transportation.
  6. Kariba doesn’t seem to market its off-season and peak season rates which would help the local market and budget travellers in their planning.

Again we will say a most heartfelt Thank you, to all who took part, for the time and thought you put to your comments and your engagement. Your suggestions are not going to waste. From the first #Karibapowwow, we said every challenge represents an opportunity, and we are very grateful and excited to be part of this opportunity to do better with Kariba, for you our guests and honorary Karibeans. We almost can’t wait for the year to end and do the review of the year and for you who got involved to look back and say of something happening in Kariba ‘I suggested that!’

From Kariba watching the sun go down, we send you our love.  #LoveKariba