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4th #Karibapowwow

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Hey All

Last weeks topic for the  Kariba Pow wow was “Fun things to do on holiday”

The discussion was very interesting detailing the diverse ideas people have for a “fun holiday”. Participants in the discussion named wild animal safaris, chilling and reading, taking part in a marathon, curio shopping and going on a sunset cruise” as some of their favourite things to do while on holiday. 

Food became a dominant topic during the discussion as participants named their favourite dishes and some sent in pictures of their favourite delicacy’s such as this crocodile stew


Other favourite dishes that were submitted included Capenta, which is indeginous to Kariba as well as Bream fish.



What we definitely took from the discussion is that food is a major part of our culture. The importance of traditional dishes in making a holiday experience can not be underestimated. Some great suggestions were thrown around to increase food culture and overall food experience in and around Kariba. One participant suggested hosting a food festival where we can showcase the variety of food available. Beach dinners and bush dinner ideas were discussed as well. 

Judging from the responses we got from the discussion, peoples idea of a fun holiday is different with each individual. Whatever rocks your boat, we can definitely say there is some fun to be had in Kariba. 


PS: Enjoy your week