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Soooooooo on the Zambezi Trader we have a tradition, on the last night of every cruise we tell jokes, both crew and guests. On one of the cruises, our restaurant manager; Gift tells the incident that happened to his assistant, Fanta (known to some of you as Mr Fantastic):


“Fanta was travelling to Harare from Kariba, and he caught a commuter taxi, it was full so he got to sit in front….. As he got in he slammed the door, the owner/driver turns to him angrily and says ‘Eih Man, do you close your fridge like that at home?’ Fanta says with a very confused expression ‘I don’t know’ to which the driver replies getting even angrier ‘What do you mean you don’t know?’ Fanta looking very apologetic, shrugs and says ‘I’ve never closed my fridge from inside it


Happy Weekend Everyone #LoveKariba