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The Penguin Dive

Maybe some of the things that happen on the Zambezi Trader, happen elsewhere, but we doubt it, where else would you get a stout gentleman pouring oil on himself and doing a belly slid across the dance floor into our infinity pool. True story!!

During one of the cruises, our operations manager Quinten was sitting in the conference room trying to get some work done and he hears several boom, boom, booms and the ship is vibrating, this is followed by a loud thud and shouts of laughter and the ship swaying, once, twice.  Quinten being the calm guy you all know him to be, figures, if people are laughing, there can’t be anything wrong and valiantly continues working (as you can see he has some very tough working conditions)

coffee ZT

A few minutes later, the boom, boom, boom, thud comes again and the swaying of the ship amidst shout of laughter. This time, Quinten decides to go and have look and finds that one of our more enterprising guests has helped himself to a 2litre bottle of cooking oil and was entertaining the rest of his party by running the length of the ship, diving onto the dance floor before tipping over into the infinity pool, penguin style.


Needless to say what happens in Kariba sort of stays in Kariba (with our guests permission)

Have a great Easter everyone, those spending Easter with us on the Zambezi Trader and those spending it elsewhere, #LoveKariba

p.s. Good Luck to all who are taking part in the  2oceans marathon, Cape Town,  this weekend, #runstrongrunhard