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What happens in Kariba stays in Kariba…….well, unless it’s too good a story not to share (with permission from our guests). We recently had some guys on a cruise, who came, as you do on Lake Kariba, to do some serious fishing. Knowing as they did that rains could be expected, they sent one of their drivers to buy raincoats but only discovered when they got to Kariba, that he had bought sweatsuits instead. Being resourceful guys and not wanting to waste an opportunity, they decided to play a practical joke on one of the more gullible members of the group, who we will call M.  They told M “This is a new age body air conditioning suit, and you cannot wear anything underneath or it doesn’t work”.  M being the trusting soul he was, obeyed instructions to the latter and off they went on one of the tender boats to fish. 30 minutes goes by, M is sweating heavily and he tells the guys “Heish, I’m burning, are you sure this thing works?” The guys tell him “Don’t worry, it’s still regulating your body temperature and the environment, it should kick in soon”.  Another 30 minutes goes by and now M is drenched in sweat and the guys tell him “But you, man where did you ever hear of air conditioning suit, it’s a sweat suit” and he had to be returned to the main boat amidst shouts of laughter all round . But he took it well and even posed for us, once he had recovered IMG_3288   Just another day on the Zambezi Trader in Lake Kariba !! #LoveKariba